ANNOUNCEMENT: Petley-Hare Appoints Ashley Holmes as Vice President, Operations


Petley-Hare Limited Insurance Brokers announced today the appointment of Ashley Holmes as Vice President, Operations. Ashley brings with her 14 years of industry experience and will be leading a bold and vibrant revitalization of our growing company.

Ashley is a proven leader with the ability to think big and execute with precision. Her passion and drive for operational excellence is unparalleled and truly what sets her apart in this industry. Ashley is a strong advocate for women in business and was also awarded the Young Broker of The Year in 2018.

“We are very excited to have Ashley join our team. She has a natural talent for developing leaders and is the perfect person to bring our big ambitions to life. This pandemic has allowed us to put a laser focus on our company and we know now more than ever who we want to be. Bringing Ashley on board is the first step in this process and we are looking forward to a very prosperous and bright future ahead!” says Adam Hare, President of Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers.

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