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Does building a backyard skating rink affect home insurance?

A backyard skating rink is a great Canadian tradition and enjoyed by many families across the country, maybe even more so during a pandemic. If you are enjoying a backyard DIY rink, it’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered under your home insurance policy, and make sure you’re protected in case anything goes wrong. […]

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10 Changes Your Home Insurance Company Needs To Know About

From getting a new roof to starting a home-based business, there are certain changes you need to share with your home insurer to make sure you have the right coverage and you’re paying the right price. It’s also important to note that because many of these changes affect your risk level in different ways, failing to share […]

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Petley-Hare Appoints Ashley Holmes as Vice President, Operations

Petley-Hare Limited Insurance Brokers announced today the appointment of Ashley Holmes as Vice President, Operations. Ashley brings with her 14 years of industry experience and will be leading a bold and vibrant revitalization of our growing company. Ashley is a proven leader with the ability to think big and execute with precision. Her passion and […]

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Top 10 Questions To Ask About Your Home Insurance Policy

Before buying the home of your dreams and finalizing everything with your mortgage lender, there is one thing you need to get: a home property insurance. Finding the right insurance coverage is not easy, but it can be done. Find the home insurance policy that will best suit your needs by asking the following questions: […]

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The Coronavirus and Homeowners Insurance: What You Need to Know

The effects of the Coronavirus on the economy is nothing short of devastating. Millions of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. This crisis has put us all in a place of uncertainty. And homeowners, too, are getting worried that this outbreak could possibly affect their insurance policies, one way […]

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What is Distracted Driving? What’s Illegal? What’s Not?

Today, distracted driving is the number one risk on Canadian roads and more common than you might think. Eight out of ten police-reported collisions involve some form of driver distraction up to 3 seconds prior to the event.* When distracted, a driver may fail to see and register up to 50% of the available information […]

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8 Ways To Identify Risks In Your Organization

Risk assessment is a tricky business. By definition, risk is somewhat unforeseeable; you can predict what risks exist, but how exactly they’ll play out is outside of your hands. A much maligned Donald Rumsfeld quote about risk comes to mind. To paraphrase, in risk management there are known risks, there are unknown risks, there are […]

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Keep Your Air Conditioner Running at its Best This Summer

As the temperature in Ontario continues to rise, the last thing you need is a broken air conditioning unit. To keep your AC unit running at its best, we’ve gathered a few tips from the pros that we’d like to share. Change your air filter – A large percentage of issues can be mitigated just […]

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Boating Update in Ontario

As the weather warms up and boaters across Ontario take to the water, we want to keep you informed, here’s the latest information for boating on Ontario lakes and waterways. Boating access in Ontario has begun re-opening, meaning you are now able to get your boat out of storage and on the water. As of […]

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Office Update: A Message to Our Valued Clients and Customers

Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion about the re-opening of businesses and what that will look like across Ontario. The team at Petley-Hare has been diligently working on our plan and we wanted to share an update with our loyal customers today. Thanks to our incredible team and an ongoing commitment […]

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