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Are you in the process of buying a new construction build? Do you have a major renovation planned for the near future? Before your project begins, you may want to consider taking out a builders risk insurance policy.

Here’s why:

Whether you’re dealing with commercial or residential real estate, a lot can go wrong on an active construction site. Your raw materials could be stolen by thieves. A fire could break out on the site. Even natural disasters can cause serious damage. And despite all of this risk, many property insurance policies won’t extend coverage to a building that’s in the middle of construction, renovations, or repairs.

Here at Petley-Hare, we’ve been helping our clients find and secure top-notch insurance solutions for almost 100 years. Our talented and experienced brokers are experts at connecting contractors and property owners with rock-solid builders risk insurance policies. We’ll do all the research and comparison shopping so that you can have the policy you need in record time.

Ready to explore your options for builders risk insurance? Ontario-based contractors and property owners are in luck! Contact our team to discuss your insurance needs today.

Builders Risk Insurance Solutions Made With You in Mind

When push comes to shove, builders risk insurance can give you coverage throughout your construction project. Here are some of the reasons why we often recommend this type of policy to clients who are purchasing new builds or getting extensive repairs done:

  • Builders risk insurance can close coverage gaps left behind by contractors insurance and/or home insurance policies
  • You can protect the investment you’ve made in your new build or renovation work
  • If your project is being financed in part or in whole through loans, builders risk insurance can satisfy lender requirements

At Petley-Hare, we pride ourselves on offering customized builders risk insurance solutions to our clients. However, our insurance packages will typically cover:

  • Weather-damaged building materials;
  • Structural damage that has been caused by fire;
  • Equipment that has been stolen on-site; 
  • And more!

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Ontario-Based Builders Risk Insurance With Petley-Hare

During the multiple decades that we’ve been in business, Petley-Hare has established itself as one of Ontario’s leading insurance brokers. Here are just a few of the benefits that all of our clients enjoy:

  • We offer exclusive builders risk insurance policies
  • Our experienced and talented brokers are construction and building insurance experts
  • We pride ourselves on making sure that all of our clients get fantastic coverage at the best rates possible

Do you have a building project or renovation that needs to be insured? Request your FREE, no-obligation builders risk insurance quote today!

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