Car Insurance Simplified by Petley-Hare and Insurance Jack

Car Insurance Simplified by Petley-Hare and Insurance Jack

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Petley-Hare Limited is an insurance brokerage that has been providing customers across the Durham Region with reliable coverage for nearly 100 years. With car insurance being one of the most frequently sought coverage policies, we wanted to simplify and make it easily available to our customers across Ontario. To achieve this goal, we recently launched a new digital division called Insurance Jack — a quick, easy and convenient insurance comparison tool online. Customers can access information via their desktops and mobile phones. In a few short months since launch, this site has already gained good traction and the feedback from users has been very positive.

Our team is led by Adam Hare, Insurance Jack’s vice president of business development and marketing. The company operates with a simple and focused objective: to make buying car insurance more efficient and hassle-free for customers. We achieve this by connecting consumers and insurance providers without traditional challenges so that there is no delay in purchasing affordable and comprehensive coverage.

How is Insurance Jack Different?

confident young job applicant shaking hands after an interviewInsurance Jack is already causing excitement within the industry and we look forward to more and more of our clients being able to experience all that it has to offer. Industry expert Stephen Corea, director of sales and business development for a leading insurance provider, Gore Mutual, has taken notice of the digital insurance platform. He notes, “Quoting engines are a dime-a-dozen and many just don’t get it right. The user experience is complicated, lengthy and unreliable for both, the broker and the consumer. When it comes to Insurance Jack, the right choices have been made so that the process is easy from start to finish.”

That means you can find the right coverage for your vehicles without the headache, confusion or lengthy processes involved with other Durham insurance brokers. Our team is always here to assist you or answer your questions, but Insurance Jack means you can find the coverage you need just as easily on your own.

Dave Hare, president of Petley-Hare Limited, has years of experience in the insurance industry and is excited to bring this new shopping option to clients. He has watched the industry evolve over the years, and has noted that millennials are taking a different approach to shopping for coverage. “While our traditional customers may still want a high touch relationship with their broker, millennials, who will comprise 46% of the workforce within 10 years, want to communicate digitally at their convenience,” Hare said.

Dedicated Customer Service with Digital Flexibility

Insurance Jack combines the best of both worlds. We offer dedicated representatives who are available to call when needed, combined with the digital tools that make time-consuming comparison shopping unnecessary.

One call to your dedicated representative at Petley-Hare gives you access to the best rates and the right tailored solutions. Don’t waste time comparison shopping; our experts have the in-depth product and industry knowledge to give you tailored advice for the products that fit your needs. We provide a wide range of options to ensure you get the best insurance at the best rates.

Let us take the guesswork out of finding dependable, cost-efficient car insurance. Use Insurance Jack and rely on the combined years of experience and reputation of our team at Petley-Hare Limited. We are here to provide you with the best coverage for your needs and the tools to make that coverage as user-friendly and straightforward as possible.

The launch of our new digital division called Insurance Jack, offers clients across the province high-quality, affordable insurance. Contact Insurance Jack today at 1-888-268-2408 to learn more.

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