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When you work as a farmer, your job never ends. Depending on the week, you could be planning your next round of crops, looking after your livestock, or purchasing seed – and that’s before you start factoring in the planting and harvest seasons. For all the work and effort you put into running your farm, however, the agricultural industry can be hard to predict in any given year. And when you’re working in an industry where weather changes and market rates can have an outsized effect on your income, reliable insurance becomes even more essential.  

Here at Petley-Hare, we’ve been offering insurance solutions to customers for almost 100 years. Our brokers will do whatever it takes to help you get the coverage you need and deserve. 

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Customized Cobourg Farm Insurance Solutions  

As a company, we understand that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all farm insurance. Even so, however, there are certain coverages that tend to appear quite a bit in our farm insurance packages. These would include:

  • Dwellings and Outbuildings
  • General Liability;
  • Personal Liability; 
  • Limited Pollution Liability;
  • Equipment/Machinery; and 
  • Livestock, Poultry, Produce

Along with these options, we also offer coverage for farming-related accidents, business interruption, and income loss.

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Protect Your Property and Your Livelihood With Petley-Hare’s Farm Insurance Solutions

Over the years, Petley-Hare has managed to establish itself as a leading insurance broker for Cobourg’s farming community. Here are just a few of the reasons why our personalized insurance solutions have become so popular:

  • Exclusive Farm Insurance Policies: During the decades we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to establish strong connections with multiple insurance providers. This has allowed us to offer farm insurance policies to our clients that simply can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Our Brokers Are Highly Skilled: Because different farmers have different coverage needs, farm insurance brokers need to know how to craft rock-solid insurance policies that provide coverage without making you pay for insurance you don’t need. Here at Petley-Hare, our brokers are some of the best in the insurance industry. As a result, you can be confident that the farm insurance policies created by our Cobourg team will get you the coverage you deserve.
  • We’ll Always Offer Our Lowest Rates: As a company, we firmly believe that great farm insurance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. When Cobourg clients come to us, we pride ourselves on always offering fantastic insurance at the best prices available. 

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