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Supporting Farmers with their Distinct Insurance Needs for Almost a Century

Unlike many other types of businesses, farming is a way of life, often passed along from generation to generation within a family.

It can be a particularly gratifying profession as it not only provides a livelihood for the individual farmer and their family but, on a more global level, also helps to sustain and enrich the lives of many other families.

However, despite this unique perspective and sense of purpose, farming is not immune to the types of risks faced by the vast majority of businesses, specifically in relation to a loss of income or property damage subsequent to injuries, accidents, or forces of nature.

Farmers need to have appropriate insurance coverage to protect themselves, their assets, and their means of support against the potential impact of these risks.

When assessing any farm insurance needs, there are several common aspects/features that should be taken into consideration, notwithstanding the size of the operation nor the type of agri-business that is being conducted; items regularly included in such coverage would consist of:

  • Dwellings
  • Outbuildings
  • General Liability
  • Personal Liability
  • Equipment/Machinery
  • Limited Pollution Liability
  • Livestock, Poultry, Produce
  • Income Loss (due to insured property loss)

In addition, farm insurance can be customized to meet any specific and diverse needs of a farming operation; some of these potential options might include protection against such circumstances as:

  • Power interruptions
  • Business interruptions
  • Farming-related accidents
  • Water damage/sewer back-ups

Designing insurance packages for farmers requires an innate knowledge of their baseline needs as well as extensive experience in incorporating optional coverage that offers the requisite protection without inflating premiums unnecessarily; and these are the qualities offered by Petley-Hare Limited, a leading insurance brokerage firm in Oshawa that has been supporting the Ontario farmer with their insurance needs for almost a century.

Customized Farmers Insurance

The specialists at Petley-Hare Limited can apply this depth of knowledge and experience to develop tailored farm insurance solutions for needs ranging from hobby farms to large commercial operations and across all types of agricultural activities.

To learn more about the farm insurance services offered by the experts from Petley-Hare Limited, call us today at 1-800-216-5324 or contact us to request a no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

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