Group Insurance in Ontario


Do you have a large or growing organization? If so, why not benefit from discounted insurance rates? Our group program has been created to provide company and association representatives who are responsible for benefits with the ability to offer discounted home and auto insurance policies to their employees and members.

Group sponsors

We will provide you with the resources and tools to effectively promote the benefits of our insurance products to your employees or members. To join the program, we will assist you with completing the group profile and will provide you with an annual marketing plan complete with collateral materials, educational sessions and promotions. These materials and support information will allow you to clearly demonstrate the added value you are providing your employees or members with our discounted insurance products. We provide all of the sales and service functions so your company or association will have minimal administration and you will not assume any liability.

Program eligibility

Who is eligible to be part of the program? All groups or companies that:

  • include employees of the same employer,
  • include people belonging to a skilled labour union,
  • are a professional, occupational or alumni association,
  • are a non-profit organization that has existed for at least two years, and

In addition to the group members, who a group member’s spouse and dependent is eligible to be part of the program.

*must be a child or children of the named policyholder who: depends on the policyholder for financial support, is under the age of 25, attends school, and resides in the same dwelling as the named policyholder

Program benefits

Employer/association benefits:

  • enhancement to your existing benefits program at no cost to your organization,
  • minimal or no administration,
  • sponsor assumes no liability, and
  • we provide all sales and service functions.

Employee/member benefits:

  • discounted rates could reduce insurance premiums – regular policy discounts are available on both property and auto policies in addition to the group discount,
  • no interest or service charges/fees – potential savings of 4% of the total premium (most insurance companies charge service fees on payment plans),
  • licensed insurance agents provide professional insurance counselling,
  • quality insurance protection,
  • convenient payment plans with a variety of payment options – choice of flexible payment schedules to best meet the needs of policyholders. Payments can be made via Internet, telephone, ATM, financial institution, credit card, cheque or money order,
  • individual counselling through on-site seminars – seminar topics include loss prevention programs,
  • all current employees/members or retirees are eligible for the program — financial dependants residing in the same household are also eligible,
  • fast, fair, courteous 24-hour claims service across North America, through one toll-free number,
  • online quoting capability (certain provinces),

Ask our insurance brokers about enrolling in a group insurance program for greater savings. For more information, contact us at 1-800-216-5324.

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