A History Of Helping People

Like most companies, we started out small. In 1922, James Bickle founded the South Oshawa Insurance and Real Estate Company. He operated out of his general store, which also served as a vehicle registration location and sold license plates. He founded his business with one goal: taking care of the people in his community, and providing great service to his customers.

Olive Petley, James’ daughter, inherited the firm after his death in 1952 and operated it as Bickle Insurance in memory of her father. In 1963, Jim Hare bought the firm, and Petley-Hare was born. After a few years, Jim’s son David took over the reins, and grew the company to a trusted firm that works with clients throughout Durham and across Ontario, and continues to provide the excellent service James Bickle was known for almost 100 years ago. Just ask our clients.

People First

Insurance can be a cold industry. We’re the first to admit it. Most people picture somebody sitting in a grey cubicle somewhere in an office tower, stamping papers. That’s not who we are, though. Although we’re not exactly a mom-and-pop setup, that’s the feeling that we want our clients to have whenever they deal with us. We’re knowledgeable and efficient, but we’re also warm, friendly and pretty fun.

At Petley-Hare, we’ve been providing smart insurance options to Durham families and businesses since 1922. We believe in great service and strong relationships. But most of all, we believe that insurance is about protecting people. We offer a wide selection of products to cover you in case of loss or injury, provide specialized coverage for your business, or insure your boat.

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