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Anything can happen when you get behind the wheel. Through no fault of your own, you could have the misfortune of sharing the road with a careless driver. Or, if you’re commuting during the winter months, you could hit a patch of ice while travelling to your destination. Whatever happens when you’re driving, however, you want to have an auto insurance policy that you can depend on. 

Here at Petley-Hare, we’ve been helping our clients find top-notch insurance for almost 100 years. Our Pickering team will compare quotes and discuss your options with you while working hard to get you incredible coverage at an affordable rate.

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Get Auto Insurance in Pickering

Do you have multiple cars that need to be insured? Is one of your vehicles a company car? 

In Ontario, car insurance is mandatory. But depending on your circumstances, the legal minimum may not be enough. If you have a more expensive car or if the other driver is at fault and uninsured, even a fender bender could cost you a lot of money. That’s why it’s important to get auto insurance that’s tailored to your needs. 

Our Pickering team is full of drivers who have spent time in your shoes. We own cars and we commute to and from work. We’re familiar with the local roads and we all remember what it was like to shop for auto insurance for ourselves and our families. Because we are members of the community, we’re in a better position to it means to have excellent car insurance in Pickering. 

As such, we’ll stop at nothing to ensure that you receive the coverage you need and deserve.

Why Should You Choose Petley-Hare if You’re Looking for Auto Insurance in Pickering?

Within Pickering, our auto insurance solutions have been growing in popularity. To that end, here are some of the reasons why you may want to choose Petley-Hare for your car insurance needs:

  • We offer expert advice to create the best auto insurance policy to suit you and your family based on your individual needs and budget.
  • Provide comprehensive coverage for your car insurance to protect what matters most – your safety and well-being.
  • We have direct access to a number of insurance providers. Because we’re not restricted to one or two providers, we’re uniquely able to focus on helping you find the right auto insurance package for your situation.

When you choose Petley-Hare, your auto insurance needs are in experienced hands. Our Pickering team is attentive, professional, and detail-oriented. If you’re looking for excellent coverage at an equally excellent rate, you can count on us.

Car Insurance Made Just for You

Having the right auto insurance is about making sure you have the right amount of coverage as well as the right type. As you look into the different insurance options at your disposal, here are some topics that you may want to explore with your Petley-Hare broker:

  • Collision: What will happen if you cause an accident? Will your car insurance cover liability for any individuals that may have been hurt? There is also a possibility that your own passengers may be injured too—what type of coverage will help you protect them?
  • Bodily Injury Liability (BIL): If you cause an accident, will the medical expenses of those injured be covered? What is the maximum amount the policy will pay for one person’s injuries? How much will the auto insurance policy pay for all injuries in total?
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Accident injuries can often result in injured individuals not being able to work for a certain period or in a more serious case, never again. Will the insurance policy cover loss of wages and medical expenses for the short/long term?
  • Property Damage Liability: Will damage to the vehicle and any property damaged in the accident be covered?
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: What happens if you get injured in a car accident and the individual at fault either does not have insurance at all or has insufficient insurance? Who will pay for your medical expenses, damage to car and property, loss of wages?
  • Comprehensive: Your car could be damaged in a storm or from falling construction debris in a parking lot. It could be stolen. Will your auto insurance cover you for these situations?

The truth is that auto insurance coverage may differ dramatically from person to person. Maybe you have more cars to insure or perhaps your vehicle is a company car that’s at greater risk of being stolen. Our highly experienced Pickering team will look carefully at all the angles. Because we have such a wide range of car insurance packages and solutions to choose from, we have the connections and the industry knowledge required to make sure that you and your loved ones receive the coverage you need.

You Can Count On Petley-Hare for Your Car Insurance Needs

When you’re looking for car insurance, it’s in your best interest to work with a broker who understands what a high-quality policy would look like in your situation. The last thing you want is to learn the hard way that your insurance policy simply doesn’t cover the scenarios you thought it would.

Because many insurers offer some form of auto insurance coverage to Pickering residents, however, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right choice for your family and your wallet. Part of the reason why Petley-Hare has been a leading insurance broker for almost 100 years is the fact that customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our team will do the comparison shopping for you while taking care to recommend car insurance packages that give you great value at an affordable rate.

Are you looking for car insurance in Pickering? Petley-Hare can help! Our experienced brokers will advise you on your best options while helping you find an auto insurance solution that makes sense for your situation.

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Petley-Hare brings almost 100 years of experience to the table. If you’re looking for car insurance in Pickering, our team can help! Request a free quote or contact us to get started.

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