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Save $$$ With Pay As You Go Insurance

Save $$$ With Pay As You Go Insurance

Do you commute less than 9,000 kilometres a year?

If so, you can start saving on auto insurance premiums under the “pay as you go” program from CAA Insurance, MyPace.

Offered as an option for customers in the province of Ontario, the program started in July 2018 and lets motorists monitor how much they drive, and pay for insurance based on that mileage.

How it works.

The program uses a device plugged into the vehicle that connects to a mobile app or web portal used to track data on the amount of kilometres driven.

Eligible drivers who enrol in MyPace will have kilometres loaded automatically in 1,000-kilometre increments and receive a notification letting them know when they are about to reach the end of an increment. If the annual cap is exceeded, the customer’s underlying insurance premium rate applies to the additional kilometres.

What are the savings?

  • If you drive 1,000 kilometres, you could save up to 70%. 
  • If you drive 3,000 kilometres, you could save up to 50%.
  • If you drive 5,000 kilometres, you could save up to 30%.
  • If you drive 7,000 kilometres, you could save up to 15%.
  • At 9,000 kilometres, there is no longer a savings benefit with CAA MyPace and a traditional Auto Insurance policy may suit you better.

For those who are low-mileage drivers, MyPace is an important step in the modernization of insurance in Ontario.

For more information on CAA MyPace, check out https://www.caamypace.com/ or get a quote from one of our experienced brokers today!

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