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Home InsuranceEveryone has unique considerations, concerns, and requirements for their home insurance. What connects all tenants, condo owners, and homeowners is the desire to have peace of mind knowing that no matter what the future holds, your living space will be safe. Maintain the space you call home as a sanctuary with home insurance that is tailor-made for your property, needs, and budget.

Benefits of Having the Right Home Insurance

Peace of mind, stability, and protection from elements and threats beyond your control are the biggest advantages of having quality home insurance coverage in Durham, Oshawa, and Bowmanville. Worries about not being able to afford or fix damage to your property or being able to replace your belongings and valuables in the event of a robbery can be quieted by the fact that you have reliable coverage.

Each policy has its own inclusions and exclusions, so finding the one that suits your property, ownership type, and personal preferences is important. Whether you need tenant insurance, coverage for your contents, or require a more extensive condo insurance plan, the team at Petley-Hare can ask the right questions and find you the best policy for your circumstances.

Why it is Essential to Have Home Insurance

Insurance coverage is strongly recommended for most big investments and purchases in your life. Your property is, more than likely, your largest investment and therefore, it needs to be protected. Beyond guarding the property itself, home insurance coverage also protects your personal finances and investment. Mortgages often require proof of insurance for refinancing and to account for any damage, destruction, or other unforeseen risks.

What is Covered by Home Insurance?

Each policy is different and you will need to read carefully or work with a professional insurance broker in Durham to get a full picture of what is covered in your specific policy. For the most part, you can count on your home insurance to include coverage for:

  • The home, including the building and other detached structures that are on your property (for example, a garage or shed)
  • Personal property or contents that are kept within your home
  • Liability, in the event that someone becomes injured on your property
  • Investments, renovations, or upgrades to the property
  • Living expenses in the event that damage or destruction forces you to leave your home temporarily

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that liability insurance is an important aspect of their coverage. Tenant insurance, condo insurance, and homeowner’s insurance should include Personal Liability within your policy. If a technician, contractor, friend, or family member visits your property and accidentally becomes hurt, or another person’s property becomes damaged through your actions or damages in your home or unit, you may be protected. Don’t overlook this crucial component of your coverage.

Home Insurance Coverage Options to Consider

Above the tried-and-true necessities above, you should take care to understand whether or not your policy should include the following. Make your decision based on your personal property, the qualities of your home, your location, and trusted guidance from a local insurance broker:

  • Theft, including any damage caused by forced entry
  • Fire, lightning, explosion and smoke damages
  • Specific kinds of water damage that originate inside your home
  • Hail and windstorm destruction
  • Damages due to impact from a vehicle or aircraft
  • Impact by objects, excluding those that are waterborne
  • Damage to goods during transportation
  • Harm or disrepair caused by the weight of snow, ice, or sleet
  • Other kinds of property damage sustained

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