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As a member of Uxbridge’s farming community, your profession places you in a unique position. On the one hand, your hard work is in part what allows Canadians to put food on the table. But at the same time, because farmers like you are self-employed, you have to treat your job like it’s a business.

What will you do if your combine breaks down next month? What happens to your finances if the weather changes unexpectedly and the crop is ruined as a result?

Here at Petley-Hare, we’ve been providing insurance solutions to our customers for almost 100 years. Our team will be able to assess your needs and help you find a top-notch farm insurance policy.

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Personalized Farm Insurance in Uxbridge  

As a company, we understand that every farm has its own unique risk profile. Even so, however, there are certain coverage options that we often include in our farm insurance packages. These include:

  • Livestock, Poultry, Produce
  • Personal Liability; 
  • General Liability;
  • Limited Pollution Liability;
  • Equipment/Machinery; and 
  • Dwellings and Outbuildings

In addition to these standard coverages, we also offer farming-related accidents, business interruption, and income loss insurance. 

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Here’s Why You Should Take Out Farm Insurance With Petley-Hare

Within the span of a few years, Petley-Hare has become one of the most popular farm insurance providers in Uxbridge. Here are some of the reasons why members of Uxbridge’s farming community have been increasingly turning to us for their insurance needs:

  • We Always Offer the Most Affordable Rate We Can: As a company, we firmly believe that farm insurance doesn’t need to cost a fortune. That’s why we are committed to providing excellent insurance solutions at the best prices available. We’ll help you find the right insurance policy for your farm and your budget.
  • Our Brokers Are the Best in the Business: With your finances, your equipment, and your farm potentially on the line, you need a farm insurance broker that’s up to the challenge. Our Uxbridge team is full of talented brokers who are experts at crafting well-constructed insurance policies. We make protecting your property easy.
  • Many of Our Farm Insurance Policies Are Exclusive: Over the years, we’ve been able to establish strong working relationships with a number of insurance providers. As such, we have access to farm insurance policies that simply can’t be found anywhere else. This, in turn, allows us to focus on making sure that our clients are getting the best farm insurance available on the market.  

Would you like to insure your farm? Our Uxbridge team of brokers is ready and willing to help at any time. Request your FREE farm insurance quote today!

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