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Between the different plans, providers, and coverage clauses, finding the right insurance plan can be tricky. Here at Petley-Hare, we've been helping Durham Region residents and businesses find insurance for over 100 years. Our staff will work with you to craft tailor-made insurance solutions that make sense for your needs.

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Over the decades that we've been in business, our company has partnered with a number of major insurance providers so that we can offer more options to our customers.

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The right insurance plan makes it possible for you to get the payout that you deserve in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. And when you work with Petley-Hare, you can be rest assured that we will help you find insurance plans and policies that are designed to cover your personal needs and your business needs.

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  • Home Insurance

    There are few things more stressful than watching a fire or a burst pipe damage your home. You can protect the investment you've made in your house with our home insurance offerings.

  • Auto Insurance

    Whether you're new to the road or you've been driving for a while, auto insurance is an absolute must. When you work with our highly-skilled and experienced staff, you may be surprised at the discounts available.

  • Business Insurance

    Running a business can be risky in more ways than one. Petley-Hare's business insurance options make it possible for you to protect your business and your livelihood.

  • Life Insurance

    If you were to pass away tomorrow, how would your family and loved ones manage? With the help of Petley-Hare, you can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you pass away.

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Durham Region Insurance FAQs

The type of insurance as a Durham Region resident, will ultimately depend on what you're looking to insure. Petley-Hare offers home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and business insurance.

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Qualified insurance brokers have the industry relationships and the personal knowledge required to help you find excellent and affordably-priced coverage in a short timeframe.

In our opinion, every great insurance broker will have these traits in common:

  • Experience
  • Outstanding customer service
  • In-depth knowledge about the insurance industry
  • A commitment to helping you get insurance that makes sense for your situation

Your monthly insurance expenses can be impacted by factors that include the price of your deductible, the exact location of your business or home, and even potentially your age.

Contact us for a quote if you've got a specific insurance policy in mind.

Start by documenting the damage that has occured. Then contact your broker as soon as possible. From there, you'll be able to take your next steps with filing a claim.

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Tailored Insurance Solutions

Long standing partnerships with many of Canada's leading insurance companies.

  • Coachman Insurance Company
  • RSA
  • Gore Mutual
  • The Guarantee
  • Intact Insurance
  • Jevco
  • SGI Canada
  • HTM Insurance Company
  • Economical Insurance
  • Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group
  • Portage Mutual Insurance
  • CAA Insurance Company
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