We understand the unique needs of condo owners in Ontario and are here to provide the coverage you need.

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Condo

Our Condo Insurance solutions deliver security, ensuring your condo and its contents are well-protected. Whether you're embarking on your first condo purchase or are an experienced owner, our team of experts is here to simplify the insurance selection process, offering guidance at every step.

Coverage Highlights

  1. Personal Property Protection

    Shield your most treasured possessions, from jewelry to electronics, with comprehensive coverage. If theft or damage occurs, items are replaced for worry-free living.

  2. Liability Coverage

    This essential protection ensures you're financially secure if an accident occurs in your condo. Medical and legal expenses are covered if someone is injured on your property, providing peace of mind for you and your guests.

  3. Additional Living Expenses

    In the face of unexpected disasters, like fire or flooding, this coverage ensures you have a comfortable place to stay. It covers temporary accommodation, dining, and other expenses while restoring your condo.

  4. Loss Assessment Coverage

    Condo associations may levy assessments to cover shared property damage or legal expenses—our coverage steps in, saving you from unexpected financial burdens. You can maintain your budget and peace of mind.

  5. Special Coverage for Upgrades

    Your condo is uniquely yours, and any improvements you've made are necessary. Our tailored coverage protects these enhancements, from custom cabinets to upgraded appliances. Your investment is secure, and you can continue enjoying your upgraded living space.

Beyond Condo Insurance

Our Condo Insurance extends beyond mere coverage; it's a commitment to trust and security. We're not just your insurance provider but your dedicated partner in safeguarding your condominium.

At PetleyHare, we protect your condo and ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for a personalized Condo Insurance plan that perfectly aligns with your unique needs. Your paradise deserves the best protection.

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Common Questions

Have questions about condo insurance? You’re not alone! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions to help you better understand all the ins and outs.

Do I need Condo Insurance if my condo association has a master policy?

Condo Insurance is essential even if your condo association has a master policy. The master policy typically covers common areas but may not protect your personal belongings or provide liability coverage. Condo Insurance fills these gaps, offering you the protection you need.

How much Condo Insurance do I need?

The amount of Condo Insurance you require depends on the value of your condo and the extent of your possessions. Our brokers will work with you to determine the right coverage level, ensuring your condo and belongings are adequately protected without overpaying.

What's the difference between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance?

Condo Insurance is tailored to the unique needs of condo owners. It focuses on the interior of your unit, including your personal belongings and liability coverage. Home Insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage for an entire house and its surrounding property, typically needed for homeowners, not condo owners.

Can I save on Condo Insurance?

Absolutely. You can reduce your Condo Insurance costs by bundling it with other insurance policies, like auto or renters insurance, to enjoy a multi-policy discount. Additionally, making security improvements to your condo, such as installing smoke alarms or a security system, can lower your premiums.

What should I do in case of a claim?

In the event of a claim, contact us immediately. We’re here to assist you throughout the claims process, ensuring it’s as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our experienced team will guide you, helping you quickly get back on your feet.