Welcome to PetleyHare Insurance Brokers, where our story is woven with trust, care, and genuine connections. For over a century, we’ve been dedicated to protecting the dreams and aspirations of individuals, families, and businesses in the Durham Region and across Ontario.

A History of Helping

Our company's rich history dates back to 1922 when James Bickle founded the South Oshawa Insurance and Real Estate Company within the walls of his general store. While initially offering services such as vehicle registration and license plate sales, James's foremost dedication lay in fostering a strong sense of community and delivering exceptional customer service.

In 1952, following James Bickle's passing, his daughter, Olive Petley, who had skillfully managed her father's insurance business, took the reins. In honour of her beloved father, she rebranded the firm as Bickle Insurance. 1963 marked a significant turning point when Jim Hare acquired the company, birthing PetleyHare Insurance Brokers. In August 1971, Jim's eldest son, David Hare, joined the firm, embarking on a journey that would see him attend night school to earn his Chartered Insurance Professional designation.

In 1978, David assumed the role of company president, setting the stage for an ambitious expansion plan that included the acquisition of eleven brokerages, beginning with John F.C. Daniel Insurance and Roger Richard Insurance. David's leadership extended beyond our company, as he was elected to the board of The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario in 1989 and served as its President in 1995. Simultaneously, he was the National Director of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.

People First

PetleyHare continued its growth trajectory, establishing branches in Bowmanville, Pickering, and Port Perry. In 2013, the legacy continued as David's son, Adam Hare, left his career in media and marketing to join the family business as Marketing Director. With a diverse background in entrepreneurship and a passion for technology, leadership, and culture, Adam launched the company's first digital insurance arm in 2015 and soon after was named one of the 'Top 10 Brokers Under 40' by Canadian Underwriter. He was also named the 'Young Broker Of The Year' in 2016 by the Insurance Brokers Association Of Ontario. His dedication culminated in his appointment as the third-generation president of PetleyHare in 2019.   

Today, we proudly uphold the legacy of James Bickle, committed to delivering the same exceptional service that he envisioned over a century ago. Our journey has evolved, but our core values of community, service excellence, and family dedication remain as strong as ever.