Our Group Insurance program is designed to offer your organization discounted home and auto insurance policies, ensuring financial security and satisfaction.

Empowering Your Organization

Our Group Insurance program is tailored to meet companies, unions, associations, and non-profit organizations' unique needs. By partnering with us, you'll gain access to a range of benefits that enhance your existing benefits program and require minimal administration.

Group Sponsors

We provide you with the necessary tools and resources to effectively promote our insurance products to your employees or members. Joining the program is a breeze; we'll guide you through the group profile setup and offer an annual marketing plan complete with collateral materials, educational sessions, and promotions. You'll be able to clearly demonstrate the added value you provide to your members with our discounted insurance products. Plus, we handle all sales and service functions, so you won't have to worry about administrative burdens or liability.

Program Eligibility

Wondering who can be a part of this program? Eligibility is open to:

  • Groups including employees of the same employer
  • Groups comprising individuals belonging to skilled labor unions
  • Professional, occupational, or alumni associations
  • Non-profit organizations with a two-year existence

Additionally, a group member's spouse and dependents can join the program if they meet specific criteria, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your extended family.

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Benefits That Matter

Our Group Insurance program offers a plethora of benefits for both employers/associations and employees/members:

Employer / Association Benefits:

  • Enhancement to your existing benefits program at no cost
  • Minimal or no administration responsibilities
  • Sponsor assumes no liability
  • Full support for sales and service functions

Employee / Member Benefits:

  • Discounted rates that reduce insurance premiums
  • No interest or service charges/fees
  • Professional insurance counselling by licensed agents
  • Quality insurance protection
  • Convenient payment plans with flexible options
  • On-site seminars for individual counselling on loss prevention
  • Eligibility for all current employees/members, including retirees and financial dependents residing in the same household
  • Fast, fair, and courteous 24-hour claims service across North America
  • Online quoting capability in certain provinces

Join our Group Insurance program today and empower your organization with affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage. At PetleyHare Insurance Brokers, we're here to simplify insurance for you.

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Companies Taking Advantage of Our Group Insurance Programs

Common Questions

We understand that you may have questions about Group Insurance in Ontario. Here are five of the most commonly asked questions.

Who is eligible to join the Group Insurance program?

Eligibility is open to employees of the same employer, individuals from skilled labour unions, professional associations, occupational groups, and non-profit organizations with a two-year existence.

What are the key benefits for employers or associations in the program?

Employers and associations benefit from an enhanced benefits program at no cost, minimal administration, no liability, and complete sales and service support.

How can employees or members benefit from the program?

Employees and members enjoy discounted insurance rates, no service charges, professional insurance counselling, quality protection, flexible payment plans, and access to on-site seminars.

Are retirees eligible for the Group Insurance program?

Yes, all current employees, members, retirees and financial dependents residing in the same household can participate.

How can I access claims service through the program?

You can access fast, fair, and courteous 24-hour claims service across Ontario through your insurance company’s toll-free number.