A motorcycle isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a symbol of freedom and exhilaration. Our motorcycle insurance ensures you can keep riding confidently and without worry.

Coverage Tailored to Your Ride

Our motorcycle insurance is more than just a safety net; it's your ticket to stress-free adventures. Whether cruising the city streets or conquering the open highway, our policies offer comprehensive coverage to protect you and your bike.

Ontario M1 License Holders

If you’re a new rider with an M1 license in Ontario, you must understand the motorcycle insurance requirements before you hit the road. Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it comes with risks, and having the right insurance coverage is crucial.

As per Ontario law, every rider with an M1 license must have insurance before operating a motorcycle on public roads. The coverage requirements for M1 license holders are the same as those for fully licensed riders. Here are some of the main types of coverage you should consider:

  1. Liability Coverage

    This coverage protects you from any financial responsibility if you cause injury or property damage to someone else while riding your motorcycle. It’s mandatory in Ontario, and the minimum coverage limits are $200,000 for third-party liability and $1 million for personal injury liability.

  2. Collision Coverage

    This coverage pays for damage to your motorcycle if you’re in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. It’s not mandatory in Ontario but can be a valuable addition to your insurance policy.

  3. Comprehensive Coverage

    This coverage pays for damages to your motorcycle that are not related to an accident, such as theft, vandalism, or weather-related damage. It’s also not mandatory, but it can provide added protection.

How To Get Lower Premiums

As a new rider, obtaining insurance coverage is crucial to protect yourself in an accident. In addition to adhering to Ontario’s insurance laws and regulations, you can do a few things to get the best insurance rates. For example:

  1. Take a motorcycle safety course

    Completing a recognized safety course can demonstrate to insurance providers that you’re a responsible rider, lowering premiums.

  2. Bundle your insurance policies

    If you have other home or auto insurance policies, consider bundling them with your motorcycle insurance to save money.

More Than Just Motorcycle Insurance

We're not just about insurance but about building relationships with riders like you. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide expert advice.

Knowing that PetleyHare has your back, hit the road with confidence. Our motorcycle insurance keeps you focused on the journey ahead, leaving the worries behind. Ride safe, and ride free!

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Common Questions

Have questions about motorcycle insurance? We have answers! Check them out below.

What types of motorcycles can I insure?

We offer coverage for a wide range of motorcycle types. Whether you ride a classic cruiser, a high-performance sportbike, a comfortable touring bike, or an adventurous dirt bike, we can tailor a policy to suit your specific ride.

We aim to ensure you have the protection you need, regardless of your ride.

How can I lower my motorcycle insurance premium?

Reducing your motorcycle insurance premium can be achieved through several means:

  • Safe Riding Habits: Maintain a clean riding record by obeying traffic laws and avoiding accidents. Safe riding habits can often lead to lower premiums.
  • Motorcycle Safety Courses: Completing recognized safety courses can not only enhance your riding skills but also make you eligible for discounts.
  • Security Measures: Invest in anti-theft devices and secure parking to reduce the risk of theft. Many insurers offer discounts for added security.
  • Choose the Right Bike: The make and model of your motorcycle can impact your premium. Generally, less powerful and lower-risk bikes may have lower insurance costs.

Our knowledgeable insurance advisors can help you explore these options and find ways to lower your premium while maintaining comprehensive coverage.

Do I need insurance for my motorcycle year-round?

Yes, motorcycle insurance is typically required year-round in Ontario, even if you don’t ride during the winter months. Maintaining continuous coverage is crucial because it protects your bike, even when it’s in storage.

This ensures you’re financially protected against theft, fire, or other unexpected events while your motorcycle is not in use.

Can I add additional coverage for my riding gear?

Absolutely! Your riding gear, including helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots, is essential for your safety. We understand the value of your gear, both in terms of protection and cost.

You can include coverage for your riding gear and accessories as part of your motorcycle insurance policy. If your gear is damaged, lost, or stolen, you can get the necessary replacements without breaking the bank.

What happens if my motorcycle is stolen?

If your motorcycle is stolen, it can be a distressing experience. However, we’re here to help you through the process. Here’s what to do:

  • Contact Us: Notify us immediately to initiate the claims process. The sooner you report the theft, the faster we can assist you.
  • File a Police Report: Contact your local law enforcement agency to report the theft and obtain a police report. This is a crucial step for processing your claim.
  • Provide Documentation: Provide any necessary documentation and information to support your claim, such as your policy details, the police report, and any other relevant documents.

Once you’ve initiated the claim, our team will work diligently to help you recover from the loss and get you back on the road as soon as possible. We’re here to make the process as smooth as possible during this challenging time.