CMPX Show: Learn the Latest in the Mechanicals Industry

Network, Learn and Visit Petley Hare at the CMPX in Toronto

Contractors from across Canada will be gathering at the 2016 Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exhibition (CMPX) Show. Hosted at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it is one of North America’s largest trade shows in the mechanicals industry. This highly respected HVAC conference attracts the biggest names and a huge variety of industry-related guests. Attend the event to learn about everything from new industry technology to contractor liability insurance.

What You Can Expect at the 2016 CMPX Show

This HVAC conference is unparalleled by any other event in the country. Attendees can expect to enjoy:
People at a Trade Exhibition

  • The latest products available: Don’t get left behind! You’ll be able to see the latest and greatest in HVAC products and learn about how they can help make your business run better and contractors’ work easier.
  • Access to information resources: Learn about everything related to the mechanicals industry. From experts to pamphlets, you will be walking through a goldmine of information related to the work you do and the business you run.
  • Equipment insights: See new equipment, applications and find out about what’s next for this growing industry.
  • Networking opportunities: Meet industry professionals who you can chat with one-on-one to learn more about their experience, expertise, and how you can leverage their knowledge and support going forward. With over 500 exhibitors and many attendees, you’ll meet and chat with people and companies who are leading the industry.
  • A sneak peek of upcoming trends: Come face-to-face with what is next for the mechanicals industry. Find out how these new advancements will impact your business and how you can prepare for the changing face of HVAC.

Petley Hare will be in attendance at this year’s CMPX! Learn more about the mechanicals industry, from up-and-coming tools to must-haves like insurance. Please visit us when you come to the event! We offer a convenient insurance quote tool and provide HVAC contractor insurance to protect you, your employees and your business. Our small business insurance in Oshawa will make you more employable to customers, architects and builders and can help you grow your business with peace of mind. Rely on our experienced Durham Insurance Brokers to get you the right coverage policy at the right price.

If you are in the HVAC industry, you cannot afford to miss the 2016 Canadian Mechanical & Plumbing Exposition (CMPX). Contact Petley Hare at 1-647-557-6653 and ask about our HVAC contractor insurance today.

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