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Protect Your Business and Clients with HVAC and Contractor Liability Insurance

ser-hvac-insuranceSmall business insurance can save HVAC contractors like you from a truckload of problems. If you don’t have commercial insurance yet or are looking for better coverage, ask our experienced brokers at Petley-Hare for advice on how to reduce your risks. We can help you find the right contractor liability insurance to protect your business from law suits and financial risk.

Your HVAC business has many assets including tools, equipment, vehicles, and your trained staff. Having small business insurance helps deal with any emergencies, such as equipment failure, property damage, theft or injuries that may occur during your work. Act now before a situation occurs.

Small Business Insurance Recommendations for Contractors

Your business and clients may face many more risk factors than you realize. That is why you should consider talking to insurance brokers who understand your industry well and can provide the protection you require.

Here are 5 important aspects of coverage recommended by our experts, that you should include as part of your commercial insurance.

  1. HVAC insurance: Specially designed for contractors that install or repair HVAC systems, this insurance product helps protect you from daily business risks including client property damage and personal injury.
  2. Contractor’s equipment or tool floater: It protects tools and equipment that you routinely bring to and from your jobs. Both while they are in transit, as well as if you store them temporarily at the job site.
  3. Installation floater: Similar to a builder’s risk policy, it covers owned and non-owned property being installed, fabricated or erected at a job site. It also provides transportation coverage to and from a job site which can result in accidental damage and require materials to be replaced at the contractor’s expense.
  4. Environmental impairment liability: This pays for on and off-site cleanup, bodily injury and property damage liability as a result of pollution and environmental hazards. It provides coverage for events such as a fire, explosion or sudden spill, as well as seepage over time.
  5. Contractor liability insurance: Mistakes can happen at any time, especially in your line of work. Having contractor liability insurance protects you from costly claims and law suits. Both clients and other HVAC contractors you may work with often insist on it.

Let Our Commercial Insurance Experts Find the Right Coverage for Your Business

Finding the right small business insurance coverage at affordable rates can be a challenge. You don’t have to spend hours comparing products and rates. We, at Petley-Hare, will shop around for you. As independent brokers, we are not bound to specific insurance providers and have nothing to gain from pushing a particular product your way. You can count on our commercial insurance specialists in Durham to provide you with the best options as well as expert advice to help you make the right decision.

Visit the HVAC insurance landing page to see our exclusive program pricing and get a free no-obligation quote from an experienced commercial business insurance broker.

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