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Insurance Solutions, Customized for Your Unique Needs

When it comes to insurance, it’s not enough to have the right amount of coverage. You need to have the right type of coverage to ensure that you and your investments are protected in a worst-case scenario. Here at Petley-Hare, we’ve been helping people like you get the insurance they need for almost 100 years. If you’re looking for personal or commercial Ajax insurance, you can count on us.

Get the Coverage You Need at the Best Rates Possible

Because we’re committed to making it easy for our Ajax-based customers to find amazing insurance, we’ve developed relationships with multiple major insurance providers. This allows our experienced staff to recommend excellent insurance plans at shockingly good rates. 

We offer:

  • Home Insurance: To a homeowner, a house isn’t just a house. It’s a place full of memories. With our home insurance policies, you can get value back if your house is damaged by an insured peril.
  • Auto Insurance: Car accidents happen all the time in Ontario. That’s why it’s legally required for you and any other drivers in your household to carry insurance. Our team will go through the details of your personal situation before recommending an insurance plan that’s tailored to you. 
  • Business Insurance: There’s a lot to like about being your own boss and becoming an entrepreneur. You can protect your assets and your livelihood with the help of a Petley-Hare business policy.
  • Life Insurance: We can’t predict the exact moment that we’ll pass away, but we can be prepared for the inevitable. Our life insurance plans can help ensure that your loved ones are cared for financially if you suddenly pass away.

Get an Ajax Insurance Solutions That’s Tailor-Made for You

Here at Petley-Hare, we’re passionate about helping people secure high quality insurance at affordable rates. And with almost 100 years of experience behind our company, we have no doubt that we can help you too.

Ajax Insurance FAQs

Question #1: What type of insurance do I need?

Insurance policies generally fall within two categories:

Commercial for business-related insurance. And personal, for insurance that’s designed for your individual needs.

Contact us for more information.

Question #2: Why should I use an insurance broker?

Qualified brokers often have long-standing direct connections with insurance issuers along with an in-depth understanding of the industry. This combination often means that they can get you higher quality insurance at a reasonable price in less time than it would take to do the comparison shopping yourself. 

Question #3: What should I look for when finding an insurance broker?

Great brokers often have these qualities in common:

  • Top-notch customer service 
  • Experience
  • A calm demeanour
  • In-depth industry knowledge

Question #4: How much does insurance cost?

Details like your deductible, your home or business location, your age, and your general risk factors can have an effect on your monthly insurance rate. 

If you’ve got questions about the cost of a specific policy, we can give you a quote.

Question #5: What do you do if you have a claim?

Document the damage. And then seek advice from your broker. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the more complex your situation is, the more you might have to wait to get paid out. 

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