Dayshift 8 Hour Challenge: Petley-Hare's March for Mental Health

It has been a challenging year to say the least, and everyone’s wellness and mental health has been compromised to some degree, which is why we're partnering up with the Lakeridge Health Foundation and taking part in their Dayshift 8 Hour Challenge!

The DayShift Challenge encourages participants to create a challenge for an activity they can do for eight hours, build out a fundraising page and reach out to their networks in support of the Lakeridge Health Foundation. Challenges can be completed in a variety of different ways — 8 hours at once, 8 hours over time, or 8 hours divided up between participants.

Petley-Hare staff will be marching for 8 hours over 8 days to promote health and wellness in our community and support all the incredible Hospital workers and their tireless dedication to the health of our family and friends, with a goal of raising $20,000 for the Mental Health program at Lakeridge Health.

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"Our hope is to create a movement that will positively impact our employees, their families and our surrounding community," said Adam Hare, President of Petley-Hare. "So, in light of these ongoing thoughts and discussions, we’re very proud to officially launch Petley-Hare’s March for Mental Health!!"

Beginning May 31st, Petley-Hare staff and their families will be heading outside for 1 hour per day to get active — whether it's walking, jogging, skipping, prancing — whatever reduces stress, balances their mood and helps them feel more positive!

"The great thing about this kind of fundraising initiative is that it's socially-distanced and safe for everyone involved," said Kevin Wallace, Marketing & Communications Manager. "It's easily managed online, gets everyone outside and active, and most importantly, it's fun and supports a great cause."

Some of our insurance company partners have also stepped up to the challenge and helped support our team. As of today, we're currently sitting just shy of $12,000 of our $20,000 goal! A big thank you to everyone that's donated and supported us so far!

Please continue to help us support the Mental Health Program at Lakeridge Health, here are a few ways to do so:

  • Donate on our main challenge page
  • Donate on any specific employee's page
  • Share share share! Please share this donation page on social media, and encourage friends and family to sponsor us.
  • Not everyone is online, so think about who else you can reach out to more personally to tell them about our challenge.

And if you’re interested in developing your own challenge to raise funds, check out the Dayshift website for more information.