Gore Mutual Partners with Petley-Hare to Help Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre

As part of the Gore Mutual 150 Ways campaign, Gore Mutual, in partnership with Petley-Hare Ltd. has donated $5,000 to Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre in Oshawa, Ontario. The charity was nominated by Petley-Hare Ltd. in October.

“We have a great relationship with the team at Gore Mutual and like us, they really care about customers,” said Kevin Wallace, Director of Marketing and Communications at Petley-Hare Ltd. “Not only are they an outstanding insurance provider, Gore Mutual is also at the top of their class when it comes to giving back and volunteering their time to communities across Canada.”

Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre is committed to providing community support for people diagnosed with cancer and their families through individual and group support, information, a resource centre, wellness programs and an ongoing lecture and discussion series. Patients and their families can come and share their experiences, find resources and discover new ways to care for themselves and each other.

“We wouldn’t be able to support our members through their cancer journey without the many volunteers, generous donors and local businesses who believe in what we do and work tirelessly to support our efforts,” said Janette Berthelot, Program Development at Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre. “This grant will help us offer more children and youth programs and support young adults living with cancer. The need for these programs has increased dramatically in the past few years as more young people are being diagnosed than ever before.”

Hearth Place is a wonderful resource for people inflicted with such a devastating disease. It helps those in our community come together and know they are not alone and that is why Petley-Hare Ltd. nominated Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre.

Want to learn more about Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre? Visit their website here.