Holiday Light & Decoration Safety Tips

The holiday season is a time to relax, celebrate, spend time with family and friends, but it's also a busy time when safety should be a top priority. Stay safe by knowing how to manage hazards of holiday items and minimize risks by following the safety tips below.

Tree Safety

  • If you have a real tree, make sure it's fresh (you can tell if the needles are hard to pull off) and water it daily.
  • Place the tree away from high traffic areas and doorways and make sure it is well-secured in a sturdy stand.
  • Keep sharp or breakable tree ornaments with small removable parts away from young children.
  • Place the tree away from heating vents, radiators, stoves, fireplaces and burning candles.
  • Dispose of the tree as soon as the holidays are over, or as soon as the needles start to fall. Dispose of it according to local regulations — most municipalities have tree recycling programs.

Light & Decoration Safety

  • Use lights that have accredited certification such as CSA, cUL or cETL.
  • Choose the right light for the job: light strings and other decorations are rated for indoor or outdoor use. Make sure indoor lights and decorations are only used inside. Read the instructions and do not exceed the recommended wattage.
  • Ensure all cords are intact, discarding any that are frayed or have exposed wires, loose connections or broken light sockets.
  • Replace broken or burned-out bulbs with those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Never run electrical cords and extension cords across doorways where they may be pinched or trip someone, or under carpets where they can be damaged or overheat.
  • Avoid plugging too many lights and decorations into an outlet. Overloaded circuits can overheat and start a fire.
  • Turn off all holiday lights before you go to bed or leave your home.

Candle Safety

  • Use battery operated window or tree candles. 
  • If traditional candles are a must, be very careful about placement. Place them on sturdy, non-flammable surfaces, away from decorations, curtains, the Christmas tree and anything else that could catch fire.
  • Do not allow candles to burn when no one is in the room.

Being mindful and always keep these tips in the back of your mind, they will help keep you and your loved ones safe this holiday season. Also, you may want to consider reviewing your home insurance policy to ensure your belongings are covered.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Petley-Hare, wishing you a safe and wonderful season!