Thanksgiving Fun And Games

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means you can probably already smell mom's delicious turkey dinner roasting oh so perfectly in the warm oven. The kids are home from school, and relatives have travelled many kilometres down the 401 for some much deserved family time. And what better way to bring the whole gang together than some good ol' fashion fun and games at the dinner table. And no, we don't mean the latest version of Angry Birds on the iPad. You can turn your cell phones and other devices off for this one!

Below is a list of some easy and creative games that are sure to spark some laughter and conversation around the dinner table this weekend:

1. Count Your Blessings

Too often, when families and friends get together we try to outdo each other with a long list of complaints and things we are unhappy about. With this Thanksgiving game, your family is challenged to outdo each other in listing all of the wonderful things they have to be thankful for.

2. Blind Turkey

Give each of your guests a sheet of paper and a pencil and ask them to draw a turkey. There's only one catch, there eyes have to be closed the whole time. Best drawing wins their dessert first!

3. Dinner Table Bingo

Create bingo cards that have common words or phrases that you would hear at Thanksgiving dinner, such as, turkey, pilgrims, thankful, please pass the rolls, and so on. Hand them out to each person along with some kind of small candy to mark their cards with. Tell everyone that as dinner progresses you will be playing bingo. Everyone needs to listen to what is being said and when they hear something that is on their card mark it off. The catch is that you can'’t count anything you have said. Have some fun small gifts wrapped and nearby for the people that get to bingos during dinner.

4. The Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Keep that fabric tablecloth in the drawer this year, and instead use long pieces of butcher’s paper. Provide everyone with a couple of crayons and tell them to write or draw pictures of what they are Thankful for while they are waiting for dinner. After the meal is cleared away take the tablecloth off and look at what everyone is thankful for.

5. Word Puzzle

Who doesn't love a little family competition? Print out the word puzzle from the link below and give your guests a specific time frame to answer as much as they can. View image here