Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance in Ontario

Understanding Rates on Durham Auto Insurance Claims

Monthly bills add up fast. When it comes time to renew, review, or find a suitable auto insurance policy, you will undoubtedly have cost top of mind. Insurance is not an expense you want to cut corners on, but it also is not an area where you want to spend all your hard-earned money. Auto Insurance rates are calculated based on a myriad of factors, but location is one of the biggest. While you may not be able to relocate any time soon, understanding insurance rates in Ontario and other factors that go into determining your price will help you save.

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Most Expensive Cities in Ontario for Car Insurance

If you are wondering how your hometown insurance rates compare to other areas of Ontario, consider these top 5 most expensive cities to insure your vehicle. Figures are from Kanetix and based on a driver who has a clean record and is 35 years old.

  1. Brampton: 65 percent above average rates give Brampton the honour (or burden) of paying the most expensive car insurance rates. The average driver pays $2,392 annually.
  2. Vaughan: High rates impact Vaughan too, where people pay $2,018.
  3. Mississauga: Residents of Mississauga pay an average of $1,930 per year to insure their vehicles.
  4. Toronto and Markham: These densely populated areas are tied with an average rate of $1,886.
  5. Richmond Hill: At $1,783, Richmond Hill rounds out the top 5 most expensive cities.

Factors that Impact Durham Auto Insurance Rates

In addition to location, a few other factors also play a role in determining the cost of car insurance. These are significant considerations for insurance providers:

  • Two Drivers Exchanging Information After Car AccidentAge and Gender: The younger you are, the more expensive your car insurance will be, to account for inexperience and the increased likelihood of risky driving. Males can also expect to pay higher rates.
  • Vehicle: Motorcycles, sports cars, and luxury vehicles will all carry a higher price when it comes to insurance rates. If you want to keep costs down in the long-term, opt for a model that prioritizes safety over speed and won’t catch the eye of too many thieves.
  • Address: Yes, we already covered location, but did you know that your address within a city can also have an impact on rates? If you live in an area with high unemployment, rates could be higher. This is in part to account for the increased likelihood of an accident with a driver who is uninsured.
  • Accidents and Theft: Information on accident rates and the number of thefts can also play a big role in calculating insurance premiums. If your area has a bad corner for accidents or a lot of potential for vehicle theft, it could be driving up rates.

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