Ontario Drivers Now Able To Use Digital Insurance Slips

Starting today, the Ontario Government is giving drivers more choice and convenience when it comes to their insurance.

Ontario drivers now have the option of displaying their proof of insurance electronically, in addition to the paper "pink card",  allowing them to access their insurance card in the way that best suits their needs.

Finance Minister Rod Phillips made the announcement this morning, saying it only makes sense thanks to the popularity of cell phones and apps.

"These electronic insurance cards will feature sophisticated safeguards - they can't be edited or altered. It's also important to note features cannot be included that would allow anyone to track your location or collect, use, or disclose your data without explicit permission from you."

He adds there will be a one year phase in process, during which time insurers will issue both a physical pink slip and a digital version, if requested.

The issuance of an electronic insurance card requires the customer’s consent. Drivers can choose whether to use the electronic version or stick with the familiar pink slip. Insurers cannot require a customer to receive an electronic insurance card.

Likewise, offering electronic insurance cards is optional for insurers. Insurers are not required to make electronic insurance cards available to their customers.   

Moreover, insurance providers offering electronic insurance cards must include lock screen capability by design or by consumer activation. This mandatory feature reduces the risk of other persons viewing the electronic insurance card gaining access to other information on your mobile device. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure your mobile device is capable of using privacy settings such as lock screen functionality and to activate any privacy settings.

For more information on lock screen privacy, here's a handy Lock Screen Overview Info Sheet that will walk you through the steps of restricting access on your phone in the event you have to show proof of insurance

Some Quick Facts

  • Drivers must have proof of insurance at all times and must show it to police when asked. The paper “pink card” will still be available in addition to electronic proof of insurance.
  • To ensure a smooth transition, insurers must continue to issue the “pink card” proof of insurance for one year, in addition to the electronic option if selected.
  • Drivers are also responsible for ensuring their mobile device can properly display the proof of auto insurance, regardless of poor signal, drained batteries or damaged screens.

It's still early days for electronic pink slips and there are quite a few 'unknowns' when it comes to issuing and carrying them. As always, we are working with our insurance company partners to ensure a smooth and efficient role out.

More information from FSRA, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, can be found here. FSRA has also provided a helpful FAQ that will help answer questions you may have about the specifics of digital pink slips. 

If you need or want immediate access to your electronic pink slip or require help getting set up, please contact us at any time, we are always here to help!