Top 10 Stolen Vehicles In Ontario 2014

After taking a closer look at the top 10 stolen vehicles in Ontario for 2014 it was found that a lot of vehicles are stolen based on their demand overseas. Other reasons can include; the reselling to unsuspecting customers with a false VIN, joyrides to help thieves get from point A to point B and also for the use as a transport vehicle to commit a crime. Check out the below info graphic which outlines the top stolen cars from last year.

Top 10 Stolen Cars
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Worried about your vehicle? Here are some helpful tips to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

1. Devices

Use devices that lock parts of the vehicle necessary to operate, such as the steering wheel or brake pedal.

2. Locking Doors

Make sure to lock your doors at all times even while driving.

3. Parking Spots

When driving at night make sure to park your car in a well lighted area, most thieves prefer to work in the dark.

4. Valuables

Don’t leave valuables in sight. Make sure to hide anything meaningful or take it with you especially if it has important information. (Wallets) (Purses)

5. Alarms

Invest in an alarm system that can not only help keep your car safe, but will also help curb your insurance costs. Sometimes even placing a simple alarm sticker will also help to scare off any suspected thieves who might be roaming in the area.