What Happens If You Don’t Have HVAC Insurance

Reasons Why All Contractors Should be Properly Insured

Contractors face unique challenges and risks in their line of work. With these unique risks comes the need for unique protection and specialized commercial and liability insurance in Ontario. Working in the homes and business properties of your customers and clients opens you up to a range of unfortunate possibilities and legal action. Injuries, damages, flooding, gas leaks and other dangers are all at risk of occurring each day on the job. Having suitable Durham business insurance means you can send your employees on site each day with peace of mind that should the worst happen, you will have the protection you need.

Types of Insurance to Consider for Your Contractor Business

Each small business operates differently and is exposed to different types of risks. The following policies can provide you and your employees with comprehensive coverage:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Is an option to add an additional policy and will cover your employees while driving the company vehicles. If your contracts span a large area or your employees have to drive to your customer’s jobsite each day to complete their work, automobile accidents could occur. If your employees’ duties include traveling to perform repairs, services, installations or transporting other equipment, auto accidents may be a risk for your company. Having contractor liability insurance that includes a commercial auto insurance policy will protect you and your employees from the financial burden of losses, damages and medical bills after an accident.

Female Air Conditioning Technician With Her SupervisorWant the best of these policies and other coverage combined into one? A business owners’ insurance policy (BOP) may be right for your company. These policies can be customized to suit the needs and operations of your HVAC business in Durham.

Petley-Hare can answer your questions about commercial insurance in Oshawa. We offer a convenient quoting tool and comprehensive coverage options that can be tailored to suit your company, employees and customers’ needs. Our team of professional and friendly Durham insurance brokers will get you the perfect coverage at a price that works for your budget.

At Petley-Hare Insurance, we understand the risks you face with your trade. We offer HVAC contractors business insurance that takes into account your unique exposure to liability. Contact Petley-Hare at 1-647-557-6653 for more information, or check out our online HVAC insurance quoting tool.