Car Insurance Tips for New Drivers

10 Car Insurance Tips for New Drivers to Help Get Discounts on Their Premiums

There is often a feeling of exhilaration when someone succeeds at obtaining their driver’s license or permit; this excitement is driven (pun intended) by a sense of accomplishment in passing all of the mandatory testing as well as the new-found liberties associated with no longer having to rely on public transit or other people whenever a ride is needed.

However, the euphoria of attaining such independence can soon be dispelled by the fact that these individuals must have adequate car insurance, and for new and young drivers, finding affordable coverage can be even more challenging than passing their road test to get their license in the first place.

Why? Because car insurance providers consider new and young drivers to be higher-risk candidates than longer-term drivers, primarily for the following reasons:

  • The lack of experience is considered a factor for a higher incidence of accidents
  • Statistics support that inexperience drivers are more prone to at-fault accidents
  • The is no history to substantiate good driving habits so a higher risk is assumed

Despite the above, all drivers regardless of age and experience are required to purchase standard car insurance; based on these generally accepted and applied risk factors, new drivers might feel that they have little choice with respect to the amount they must pay for that coverage. Fortunately, for people who are inclined to ask whether there are any discounts available for car insurance, the answer is yes.

Here are 10 car insurance tips for new drivers, offered by the knowledgeable insurance brokers at Petley-Hare Limited, for those who may be interested in ideas on how to save on their car insurance in Ontario:

  • Complete a ministry-approved driver education course/program
  • Accelerate completion of the graduated license system (G1>G2>G)
  • Pay annual premiums in one amount instead of periodic installments
  • Choose a vehicle type with a higher safety rating or lower risk of theft
  • Use seasonal tires – many insurers offer discounts on use of winter tires
  • Multi-vehicle coverage – if living at home, add vehicle to the family policy
  • Combine home and car insurance (if not at same address as family home)
  • Increase the deductible (portion of loss payable in the event of an accident)
  • Look for student discounts such as ‘good grades’ and ‘away-at-school’ options
  • Cancel collision coverage for cars of low value e.g.: older models, high mileage

It is important to note that discount options such as these cannot simply be plugged into a standard formula for calculating the insurance premium for a new or young driver; for anyone who asks: How much is car insurance in Ontario for a new driver?” the answer is much more complex. To begin, all car insurance companies do not weigh levels of risk in the same manner; then there are several variables (vehicle and driver) that also have to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Make, model, and age of the vehicle
  • Driver designation – principal or occasional
  • Primary use of the vehicle – work or pleasure
  • Average/estimated number of kilometers annually
  • Area of residence – population and vehicle densities

Accordingly, it would be wise for new and young drivers, or their parents, to comparison shop as a means of determining what is the best, and of course the cheapest, kind of car insurance to provide suitable coverage for operating their specific vehicle in Ontario; this can be accomplished effectively by calling upon the services of an experienced brokerage such as Petley-Hare Limited.

Expert Brokers Can Help Maximize Discounts on Car Insurance for New Drivers

Discounts On Car Insurance

Shopping around for car insurance can be a frustrating and time-consuming practice for any drivers, particularly for new licensees with limited on-road experience and no driving history. These searches can generate a wide range of quotes from various providers, in terms of the annual premiums as well as the types and terms of coverage; when coupled with any self-imposed pressure to have some type of car insurance in place as quickly as possible for the new driver, the potential exists to make a less-than-ideal decision.

Fortunately, the services offered by a well-established insurance broker like Petley-Hare Limited can help alleviate any such issues and help drivers make the best/most informed choice possible. Petley-Hare Limited representatives know how to help their clients save on car insurance; based on almost a century of experience in the Southern Ontario area, the Petley-Hare team can advise new and young drivers on such matters as:

  • The best kind of car insurance for their precise needs
  • Any discounts available to them for their car insurance
  • Insurers who offer the cheapest car insurance in Ontario

Subsequently, these professionals will prepare a comprehensive outline for presentation to various insurance providers on behalf of the respective client to find the best possible coverage and premium, in turn saving both time and money.

To find the best car insurance policy for a new or young driver at the best possible rate, call the specialists from Petley-Hare Limited today at 1-800-216-5324 or contact us to request a no-obligation consultation at your convenience.