Heading on Vacation? Keep your house safe with these steps

The last thing you want to deal with when you get home from a vacation is a break in. So remember to prep your house before you go to secure the safety of your home. Remove any signs that would allow anyone to know that no one is living in your house at the moment. A few things you can do to help ensure your home will remain the same for when you get home are as follows.

1. Move valuables out of sight.

Make sure every item you own that is of value to you and maybe someone else is away from plain sight. For example, away from windows and put where no one would ever expect your valuables to be. Secret hiding spots you may have found around your house would be perfect for this.

2. Have a neighbour or someone else you trust to keep an eye on things.

They can shovel your driveway or cut the grass. If you get the paper or mail delivered to your house, make sure the caretaker of your house takes it in the house. So they don't pile up and raise suspicion that the house may be empty.

3. Save all your photos and post them when you return home.

Most people have public social media accounts so anyone can view your profile and see you with a drink in your hand on the beach. If you post a photo showing you are not at home may put your house in danger. So take extra safety precautions and post all those great photos when you return home. Send your closest friends and family photos over email or text if you like, but only who you trust.

4. Use an automatic timer for your indoor and outdoor lights

This is a good way to make it seem like you're home even when you're not. With today's smart phones and homes it's also very easy to set up schedules and control lights and other devices from your phone no matter where you are in the world!

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