Keep Your Gutters Clean - Prevent Home Damage

An essential part of keeping your home clean and functional is performing the dreaded task of cleaning out the gutter and drains. While there aren't many people who look forward to this particular chore, it can help keep your home looking its best.

How To Clean Gutters

This month get out the ladder and clean the guttering. Before that, though, pay attention to water flow when it rains. Go outside and look for leaks and blockages in your guttering.

  • When you do the actual cleaning, use ladders carefully.
  • Use a garden trowel to scoop out the decaying leaves and wet muck that almost certainly is lining the gutters. Don't take a rubbish bag up with you to put the decaying leaves into.
  • If you're using a ladder, or standing on a step, adding extra bags is a sure way to increase your risk of over-balancing. Instead, simply stand a wheelbarrow near your ladder and toss the muck into it. It's all ready then to wheel down to your garden compost bin. Finish off by flushing the pipes clean by using a hose with a spray nozzle.

How To Unclog Drains

Your drains can become blocked with debris anytime throughout the year, and it is well worth walking round your home every month just to check that none of the drain covers have become clogged with leaves or rubbish. If they have, simply scoop all matter out, then follow with around 100ml of neat bleach down the drain.