Stay Safe On the Water with Boat Insurance

Get Peace of Mind this Summer with Boat Owners’ Insurance in Durham

For many residents across Durham and Oshawa, the warm weather, bright evenings and long weekends signal one thing: boating season! If you are a proud boat owner who can’t wait to get on the water this year, make sure you are protected beyond your life-jacket. Peace of mind for your loved ones and yourself will make your boat rides even more enjoyable. Whether you are an avid fishing enthusiast or love simply cruising around the lake, boat insurance is important for you and your vessel.

Contact Petley-Hare to tell us more about your boat. Get multiple competitive quotes to keep you and your boat safe on the water all season long.

Why Marine Insurance Is Crucial for Ontario Boat Owners

The Ontario boating season may be shorter than other places in the world, but the risks are the same on the water. Marine insurance will allow you to ride the waves without worries.

Here are some of the reasons getting marine insurance is the only way to start off the summer season on the water:

  • Agreed Value – Whether you have just invested in a new boat or have a well-loved watercraft, your policy can be based on an agreed value.
  • Personal Effects – Half the fun of owning a boat is all the great activities you get to take part in. Unfortunately, the equipment required for these activities is often unattached to your vessel, leaving it vulnerable to theft or damage. Comprehensive marine insurance will protect your personal effects, from fishing gear, deck chairs, and anchors, to safety vests, tubes and water skis.
  • On-Water Assistance – If you find yourself in trouble on the water and require emergency assistance, your policy can ensure you get the help you require, no matter how far off-shore you are when you are in need.
  • Damages – Protect your vessel from damages in the marina or on the bay with physical damage insurance. Policies vary but can be designed to keep your boat in top condition and pay for any physical damage that occurs over the course of the season.

Turn to us for expertise on a range of marine activities, including boating and yachting. Take advantage of our close connections with Canada’s top marine insurers and get coverage for:

Proud Woman in Front of Her Yacht

  • Sailboats
  • Power cruisers
  • Sea-doos and jet skis
  • Yachts
  • Runabouts and trailerable boats
  • Pontoon and deck boats
  • Jet boats
  • Bass boats
  • Specific voyages or other marine activities

Interested in details about insuring your specific vessel? Petley-Hare can provide multiple, competitive quotes to save you time and money. We want you to feel confident and protected on the water this summer. Let us help you find the perfect marine coverage for your boat. Contact our insurance brokers in Durham for friendly and efficient services and to get a policy tailor-made for you.

With a comprehensive boat insurance policy, you are protected in case of an unfortunate incident. Petley-Hare offers many affordable marine insurance options, so you can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Contact us today at 1-647-557-6653.

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