Uber Ridesharing Protection: Do You Have the Right Coverage?

Ask Your Durham Commercial Insurance Provider

The newly instituted Uber ridesharing protection is a big step forward both for Uber drivers and the insurance industry. While ridesharing is legal in many cities across the world, local jurisdictions have implemented specific regulations that could increase driver liabilities when not properly addressed. Thanks to Intact Insurance and FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario), Uber drivers will now be covered from the time they accept the fare till the passenger exits the vehicle.  This coverage automatically applies to all Uber drivers and passengers.

Although coverage is now in place, it`s still not 100% clear on how this will affect you and your personal auto policy. Some companies have released statements on how they would respond while others are still remaining quiet. It`s always best to talk to one of our experienced insurance brokers about how to reduce your liabilities.

Our team works hard to offer innovative and affordable solutions to meet ever-changing customer needs and demands. We can provide insurance for all of the important things in your life, from your Uber service to your business and your home.

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Turo Ride Insurance: What You Need to Know

Teenage Girls Texting for UberTuro car rentals are also becoming increasingly popular among Canadians. In fact CBC described Turo as the Airbnb for car owners. Like Uber, it offers car owners an opportunity to make money on their vehicles but in a different way—you can list your automobile for rent and earn extra cash instead of just leaving it parked on your driveway. Since it is a different program from Uber, it requires a different type of insurance coverage. While Uber comes under the commercial insurance umbrella, Turo ride insurance is a specific type of personal auto insurance provided by Intact.

What this means is that if you`re a current Intact policy holder, you are automatically covered. We know it can sound confusing and that`s why our experienced auto insurance brokers will be happy to explain all of your coverage details. But first you must understand how the Turo program works.

Turo Car Rental Service

  • Renting a Turo car: Turo provides a selection of locally-owned, rental vehicles. Sign up for Turo via Facebook, Google or email, and once approved, you can become a Turo driver. You may pick up the car from the owner or get it delivered (some owners offer delivery service) to you. Simply show your license to get the keys. Once you’re done, replace the gas you have used and return the car to the owner.
  • Listing your car for rent on Turo: You can create a free listing for your car rental on Turo. Describe your vehicle, post some pictures and be specific about the dates and times your car is available. You will receive instant notifications of vehicle bookings which you must confirm or decline as soon as possible. Upon confirmation, arrange to meet your guest, take a look at his/her license, note the fuel and mileage, and hand over the keys. It’s both easy and rewarding.

To rent or list a car on Turo, however, you must have your insurance with Intact. Petley-Hare has a team of experienced auto insurance brokers who can help get this set up for you. You can trust our insurance professionals to find the right risk protection at affordable rates.

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