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Protect Your Business, Your Employees And Your Clients

When it comes to choosing the right business insurance, it’s important that you connect with someone you can trust. With nearly a 100 years in this business, Petley-Hare is the leading Durham business insurance brokerage, focused on serving and protecting our clients’ business assets and investments across the region. Our tailor-made business insurance solutions are designed by skilled, experienced staff who will work with you to understand your risks and liabilities first, and then recommend the best package for you.

What Do Our Business Insurance Solutions Cover?

  • Liability
  • Bonds
  • Commercial auto
  • Transportation
  • Commercial property/premises
  • Manufacturing
  • Contractor’s packs
  • Professional liability
  • Not-for-profit insurance
  • Errors and omissions
  • Hospitality
  • Real estate
  • Environmental liability
  • and more…

Commercial Insurance Offerings – Protect Your Business And Your Bottom Line

You need an agency that is as invested in the success of your business as you are. No matter what industry you are in-retail, technology, manufacturing, not-for-profit or even a self-employed consultant running your own operation, we can help you protect your personal and business assets. We’ll advise you on how to compare different commercial insurance packages and policies so that you get the best value for your money, your bottom line stays intact and your business gets the right protection.

Business insurance is no longer a luxury; as a business owner, you need to be adequately prepared to face a damaging lawsuit or any other type of threat to your business operations.

What makes Petley-Hare the ideal brokerage for business insurance solutions?

  • Over the years, we have established relationships with a wide range of non-contracted and wholesale insurers.
  • We specialize in finding commercial insurance products for hard-to-place types of business and risks that many insurers may be unwilling to cover.
  • Our brokers have provided tailored business insurance for older properties, hospitality risks (such as pubs and bars, rooming houses, risks with environmental or pollution exposures and many other accounts) that regular insurers would find difficult to cover or simply decline.
  • We don’t let the risks associated with our clients’ businesses hold us back. We have access to specific products from niche insurers who only work with brokers, and find the insurance products they need to protect their business, their employees and their clients.
  • Just started a new business? We can assist all new business owners in finding the right business insurance solution to fit their unique needs.
  • When starting a new business there are lots of questions. Let us provide the right answers and help you feel confident that you and your business are protected.

To discuss the finer details of business insurance brokerage services at Petley-Hare Limited, contact us online or call us at 1-800-216-5324. Request a free, no-obligation quote from our experts.

Cities We Service for Commercial Insurance

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