Who Is Listed On Your Automobile Policy?

This question is truly important, as your auto insurance policy is a legal document. This document must remain updated and correct.

So, who should be listed on your policy?

  • Any and all licensed drivers living in your household
  • The actual owner of the vehicle
  • The registered owner of the vehicle
  • A person with regular and/or frequent use of the vehicle

Drivers who are not required to be listed on your automobile policy:

  • A friend or neighbor who you give permission to borrow your vehicle
  • A short term visitor in your home who you loan the vehicle to on one or two occasions during their visit

Important things that you should remember if you are lending your vehicle out to someone:

  • You must provide consent to loan your car to another driver
  • The driver must be authorized by law to drive your vehicle
  • If the driver has an accident while driving your vehicle, the incident goes on your Insurance Record
  • The person borrowing your car cannot be using it as part of a routine i.e. every Friday for groceries.

If you are unsure who should be listed on your Automobile Policy, give our office a call and one of our Bowmanville Auto Insurance brokers can help you determine if you need to list the driver.