Factors Affecting the Cost of Small Business Insurance in Oshawa

Operating a small business in Oshawa or any other municipality across the Durham Region can gratify the owner and their employees. Regardless of the type of business and the scope of its products or services, efforts to establish a solid customer base in a commercial sector and sustain a measurable level of success over time could undoubtedly generate a significant sense of pride and accomplishment.

However, for most of these small business owners, any degree of achievement will most likely come with figurative and actual price tags. The intangible costs are often rooted in the countless hours invested in worrying about the overall direction and growth of the company and in activities not directly related to producing revenue. The tangible costs are associated with running a business: salaries, utility bills, maintenance, advertising/marketing, taxes, etc.

All of the above reasons and more serve to validate the importance, the non-negotiable importance, of small business insurance for all entrepreneurs/start-ups in Oshawa; there is simply too much at risk for the owner to operate their small business without sufficient protection against potential legal action or other threats to their livelihood.

In many cases, however, Oshawa’s small business owners may not be thoroughly familiar with their insurance needs, i.e., the explicit elements that should be incorporated in their policy to safeguard themselves, their employees, and their assets. To help them in this regard, here are the aspects most commonly included in small business insurance coverage based on their type of products, services, and/or business practices:

  • Property/Premises
    • Fire, theft, burglary, and other physical damage
    • Liability coverage relative to legal actions/lawsuits
  • Product Liability
    • Claims relating to defects, malfunctions, injuries, etc.
  • Professional Liability
    • Allegations of negligence in any work or services provided
  • Interruption of Business
    • Income lost from the inability to operate due to insured loss
  • Workplace Safety (WSIB)
    • Coverage for all employees (mandatory in Ontario since 2013)
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
    • Damage to vehicles used in conducting company business
    • Liability determined by law against the owner of the vehicles
  • Crime and Fidelity Protection
    • Theft, dishonest acts, computer system fraud by employees

Moreover, while most Oshawa small business owners will agree that having commercial insurance is an essential operating cost, a substantially lesser number might be aware of how their premiums are calculated; several considerations will influence these rates:

  • Type of policy
  • Type of business
  • Company revenues
  • Number of employees
  • Location of the business
  • Amount of physical workspace
  • Work history/previous contracts
  • Any prior history of insurance claims

The complexities involved in creating a commercial insurance plan that encompasses the specific needs of a small business can be pretty overwhelming for the owner. Without the appropriate investment of time and effort, this can result in a policy with inadequate or unnecessary coverage and excessive premiums.

Working with an experienced insurance broker such as Petley-Hare Limited in Oshawa can help avoid these pitfalls and ensure the business has the most appropriate coverage at the best possible rate.

Oshawa Brokers Offering Extensive Experience with Small Business Insurance

Knowledgeable professionals at PetleyHare have been counselling Oshawa and area small business owners on their insurance requirements for almost 100 years. This insight and experience span a wide range of clientele, including but certainly not limited to the following business sectors within the Durham Region:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting Services

Accordingly, Petley-Hare Limited may be the ideal brokerage to help any new or existing small business owners obtain adequate insurance protection for their personal and operational needs while simultaneously ensuring that their clients are receiving the best value for the cost of such an investment.

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