Get Your Cottage Summer-Ready: 10 Tips for Fun in the Sun

Summer is just around the corner, and for many Ontarians, that means it's time to get their cottage or other seasonal property ready for the season. Whether you're a seasoned cottage owner or a first-time buyer, you should know a few things about opening up your seasonal property for the summer.

1. Make sure your property is properly insured

Before you start thinking about opening up your cottage, ensuring you have the proper insurance coverage is crucial. Seasonal properties like cottages and cabins require specialized insurance coverage that differs from your primary residence. Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers can help you find the right insurance policy to protect your seasonal property and all the toys you keep there, like boats, ATVs, and more.

2. Check for any winter damage

After a long, cold winter, your seasonal property may have suffered some damage. You can walk around your property and look for any signs of damage, like fallen trees or damage to your dock. It's also a good idea to check your roof for any signs of wear or leaks. Fixing any damage now will prevent further problems down the line.

3. Get your utilities up and running

If you turned off your utilities for the winter, now is the time to turn them back on. Check your water, gas, and electrical systems to ensure everything works. If you notice any issues, you should fix them before using your property.

4. Clean up your property

Your property may have accumulated some debris over the winter, like fallen leaves or branches. Clean up any debris and do a thorough spring cleaning to get your property ready for the summer. This includes cleaning your gutters, washing your windows, and dusting your furniture.

5. Stock up on supplies

Before heading to your seasonal property for the summer, ensure you have all the supplies you need. This includes groceries, cleaning supplies, and other items you'll need for your stay. It's also a good idea to make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked and up to date.

6. Inspect your boat and other watercraft

If you own a boat or other watercraft, it's important to inspect it before the summer season starts. Ensure your boat is in good working order and all safety equipment is up to date and in good condition. It's also good to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage for your boat or other watercraft.

7. Get your ATV and other toys ready

If you own an ATV or other recreational vehicle, ensure it's in good working order before you use it. Check your tires, brakes, and other systems to ensure everything works properly. Ensuring you have the proper insurance coverage for your toys is also essential.

8. Check for pests

After a long winter, your property may have become a home for pests like mice or squirrels. Check your property for any signs of pests and take steps to prevent them from entering your home. This may include sealing any cracks or holes and using pest control products.

9. Make sure your fire pit is safe

If you have a fire pit on your property, ensure it's safe to use before starting any fires. Check the area around the fire pit to ensure it's clear of any flammable materials. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby in an emergency is also a good idea.

10. Have fun!

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Your seasonal property is a place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Take advantage of all your property's activities, like swimming, boating, and hiking. And remember, Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers is here to help you protect your property and all the toys you keep there, so you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to review your insurance policy with one of our experienced brokers to ensure you have the right coverage for your seasonal property and all your summer activities.

With these ten tips, you'll be well on your way to getting your cottage or other seasonal property ready for a summer full of fun and relaxation. And with the right insurance coverage from Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property and all the things you love are protected.