How to Protect Your Deliveries From Porch Pirates

So, how do you avoid the wrath of this new wave of porch pirates? Perhaps more importantly, how does your home insurance help cover the impact of lost or stolen deliveries? 

We are lucky to live in a day and age where virtually anything can be delivered directly to our doorstep. Still, unfortunately, there is a new trend taking over neighbourhoods that could impact your delivery. ‘Porch pirates’ is a new term given to individuals who sneak their way up to porches and doorways and run off with delivery packages. This off-putting trend tends to escalate around the gift-giving season, but it can still happen year-round.

Take note of the steps below that can help you keep your delivery parcels safe before you arrive home to secure them. 

1. Always track your package 

Following the steps to track your package online from the delivery source can help ease your mind and the suspense of when your item will arrive. Many factors can impact the time of your delivery, like traffic, weather and unforeseen circumstances. Knowing whether or not your package has been officially delivered is the first step towards securing it without issue. 

2. Lean on your friends or neighbours

If you are nervous about a package being delivered when you are not home, check in with a neighbour or nearby friend to see if they can keep an eye out for you. Perhaps they can even secure the item from your porch or doorstep until you arrive home to retrieve it personally. This option can be especially helpful as you are tracking its delivery. 

3. Use credit cards with purchase protection 

Shop around for a credit card that includes purchase protection. Features of this nature often cover costs for lost or stolen items, but there are several stipulations involved. It’s essential you shop around and read all of the fine print so you understand the details required to get properly reimbursed.

4. Opt for in-person delivery instead

Some retailers will offer in-person delivery by requesting your signature upon delivery. Contacting your postal service to let them know you require a signature for all deliveries is another option if you’re worried about your package arriving securely. 

5. Consider purchasing insurance for your package 

In most cases, retailers or vendors will offer insurance for high-ticket items like electronics. If the option isn’t available through the retailer or vendor, the specific delivery service may provide it as an option during the checkout experience. Keep in mind additional costs and the fine print involved with this coverage.

6. Lean on your home insurance

On the topic of insurance, now might be a good time to review your home insurance policy to verify if you are covered for scenarios where delivery items are stolen directly from your property. Filing a claim may not make sense or be worth the hassle for small items—especially if you have a higher deductible—so be sure to take the time to thoroughly understand the terms or reach out to your broker for clarification. 

7. Install a security camera 

It may seem a tad dramatic, but installing a security camera to monitor what’s happening on your doorstep isn’t a bad idea. Most home security cameras are cost-efficient and easy to install and can sync with your phone, so you can check what’s going on from wherever you are. They also provide you with peace of mind and could potentially ward off potential porch pirates merely by the sight of them. 

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