Important Facts about Drone Insurance

Protect Your UAV and Your Business with Drone Insurance in Oshawa

Drone technology has exciting potential for a variety of applications across industries. From fantastic camera footage to simplified zoning, drones can be an extremely useful and cost-effective tool for companies. Licensing, insuring, and using the drones is not as clear as their many uses, though. If you are using a drone for commercial purposes, it is crucial that your company understands the local bylaws and drone insurance requirements. If you live in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering, or surrounding areas, contact Petley-Hare to determine if your existing business insurance plan can be modified to include your new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) requirements.

Smart Commercial Use of Drones and the Right Insurance Policy

Whether you run a large or small company, here are the basics you need to know when it comes to your UAV use:

  • Men Setting Up Drone Before FlightCommercial Use Differs From Recreational Use: Using your drone for recreational or personal use does require the same level of precaution and minimum of $100K insurance coverage, as per Transport Canada drone regulations. Hence, it's wise to inquire about how you can protect yourself from liability and your UAV from damage. Business use of drones includes use for any activity that is being compensated or that is relevant to commercial operations. If your business is using the drone, it is likely that the activity falls under commercial use and again, should be insured. Mapping, land surveys, professional photography for private events, professional video shooting for film or television, contract inspections, or selling ‘amateur’ photos and videos; all fall under commercial activity. To be on the safe side, speak with a drone insurance provider in Pickering to learn more.
  • Drone Insurance Coverage: The main thing insurers will look for when determining the risk level for drone insurance is the amount of training that is completed for personnel using the device. From online courses to in-person sessions, training is not only a wise decision for insurance premiums and approval, but also for the longevity and productivity of your team’s UAV use. Your drone should be registered and your team should keep in mind that insurance is valid only when a specific pilot or pilots are controlling the device. Safety will be top of mind for your company and insurance provider. For that reason, offering as much information about the type of conditions the drone will be flying in (i.e. above people or above open land) and used for will help create a plan that includes comprehensive coverage and appropriate rates.

Learn more about your risks, liability, and requirements for drone insurance in Ontario. Petley-Hare offers coverage that includes everything from physical damage to business protection. Speak with our reliable insurance brokers in Bowmanville to tell us more about your commercial drone use. We can direct you towards the right insurance product for your needs.

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