Top Auto Insurance Discounts and How to Qualify for Them

What Discounts Are There for Car Insurance and How Can You Get Them?

In a common scenario, two people may be engaged in a conversation when one of them boasts about a great discount that they recently received when they signed or renewed a contract for a particular service. And as the speaker continues to share the details about how much they gained and how much money they saved, the listener grows increasingly exasperated by the fact that they are paying more for the same or perhaps less value.

Eventually, the listener breaks their silence and wonders aloud how the other party was able to secure such a financial windfall, to which the latter responds that they had simply asked the supplier about the availability of any discounts; subsequently, these talks will frequently end with the embittered party lamenting that they were not aware that such discounts were even available.

One circumstance to which the above commonly applies is the renewal of a car insurance policy. In most cases, an insurer simply sends out a notice prior to the anniversary date that informs the policyholder of their premium for the forthcoming year; and after some grumbling about the amount payable, the policyholder takes the appropriate action then files the document without further thought until the process repeats itself one year later.

Quite simply, policyholders may not be aware of possible car insurance discounts or they simply presume that they are not eligible; fortunately, knowledgeable insurance brokers, like the representatives from Petley-Hare Limited, are available to help drivers confirm or clarify the answers to the question: “What types of discounts are there for lowering my car insurance rates?”.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the top five car insurance discounts that help drivers get the cheapest possible car insurance (in Ontario), and how they qualify for these savings:

  • Good Driver – a clean driving record; no claims or convictions for a set period
  • Good Student – maintaining a minimum academic standard, grade, or average
  • Safety Features – factory-installed or after-market (airbags, anti-theft devices)
  • Multi-Policy – combining both auto and home insurance with the same provider
  • Multi-Vehicle – two-plus vehicles; may apply to motorcycles, snowmobiles, RVs

Yet these are not the only potential discounts that should be explored; there are several others that might be available to new, student, and mature drivers for reducing their car insurance premiums in Ontario by up to 25%; these could include (again alphabetically):

  • Age – milestones such as 25, 50, and 65 years (and a good driving record)
  • Driver Training – successful completion of a certified driving school course
  • Hybrid Vehicle – using an environmentally-friendly means of transportation
  • Loyalty – insurance companies often give a discount to long-term customers
  • Low Mileage – based on a pre-set limit for the total distance driven per year
  • New Car – may apply to vehicles less than three years old (bought or leased)
  • Usage-Based – based vehicle type plus driving distance and habits over time
  • Winter Tires – purchasing/installing of four new tires designed for winter use

In the scenario described at the start of this discussion, the listening party may not have known about the possible options in terms of car insurance discounts. At this point, they should be mindful of as many as a dozen possibilities that they could investigate with the help of a professional insurance broker from Petley-Hare Limited.

Offering Valuable Insight on the Best Kind of Insurance for Your Driving Needs

Best Auto-Insurance For Specific Driving Needs

The car insurance specialists at Petley-Hare Limited can provide valuable insight to both new and experienced drivers alike as to what discounts are there, or not there, for their car insurance premiums, as well as the reasons why they may or may not qualify.

Furthermore, the Petley-Hare professionals can offer a well-informed perspective on such specific types of questions as:

  • How much is car insurance for a new driver in Ontario?
  • How much does a driver’s education course save on insurance?
  • Which insurance providers offer the best rates for students? seniors?
  • What is the best kind of insurance for the specific drivers in your family?
  • Are there certain types of vehicles better suited to qualifying for discounts?
  • What effect do loyalty discounts have on finding the cheapest car insurance?

Petley-Hare Limited has been helping clients in Durham Region and throughout Ontario with various insurance needs, including car insurance, for almost 100 years. This history of knowledge and success can be invaluable to drivers who want/need the right type of coverage, at the most affordable rate, for themselves and the members of their family.

To learn more about the support available from the experienced car insurance brokers at Petley-Hare Limited, please check our auto insurance page.

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