Tips from Your Home Insurance Broker to Protect Your Home

Reduce the Risk of Burglary and Damage While On Vacation

When it comes time to leave for vacation, you may not have your thoughts focused on your residence. Images of beaches, indulgent menus, or slowly sipping a beverage may be floating through your head as you sort out your schedule, airport transportation, and make packing lists. It is important not to neglect your property when you take off, though, especially during the winter.

6 Ways to Safeguard Your Home While On Vacation

Follow the tips below and get tailored, all-encompassing Home Insurance in Oshawa, Durham, and Bowmanville for year-round protection with the professional brokers at Petley-Hare Insurance:

  1. Man Opening DoorWinterize: Getting your home prepared for the winter is crucial to maintain your property, even if you are going to remain in town. Clean the gutters, get a furnace inspection, and have your roof checked to ensure your home is ready for the freezing temperatures and harsh conditions. You should also ensure that pipes are properly insulated. Take special care with those that are located near external-facing walls or in chilly areas like the attic, garage, or basement.
  2. Have Someone Check In: Ask a friend or hire someone to act as a presence on your property. They will be able to clear snow, collect newspapers, and water the plants. Check with your insurance broker about home monitoring and how it may impact your policy. Some providers require that a person be present at the property every 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Use Security Alarms: If you don’t already have a monitoring alarm system, consider getting one installed before you leave. It can help reduce your insurance premium and also allows you to check in and rest easy knowing that your place is as you left it, whether you are down the street or on the other side of the world.
  4. Keep it Quiet: Announcing your vacation plans can be exciting but it can also open you up to unnecessary risk. Try not to broadcast your travel plans in person and online to avoid making your property an easy target for ill-intentioned thieves.
  5. Check Things Out: Time your lights, unplug electronics, and check large appliances before heading out the door.  Take the time to ensure everything is in good condition and does not pose a fire hazard, flood risk, or tip off a passersby that you are out of town. Have a plan and make time to prepare your home thoroughly.
  6. Settle Services: For extended trips, arranging to postpone, redirect, or cease mail service, cable, and internet can not only help you save, but lead to less maintenance and concern while you are away.

Get Comprehensive Home Insurance in Durham, Bowmanville, and Oshawa

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