Water Damage: What is Covered and Not Covered by Your Home Insurance

Know What Damage is Covered and Not Covered under Your Home Insurance

The vast majority of the homeowners throughout Durham Region will likely have a home insurance policy; and deep down, those who do not have coverage would probably admit that they should (maybe a topic for another day?). Regardless, when pressed to disclose the specific types of damage that are customarily covered under home insurance, neither side may be able to provide many particulars other than ‘the house and contents in case something happens’.

And while nobody wants that ‘something’ to happen, situations can and do occur that will result in damage to a home and/or its contents. This in essence is a principal reason for home insurance; homeowners never want to have their personal property lost/damaged in any way, but they must be prepared, i.e. insured/covered if they ever have to make a claim.

But simply having home insurance does not mean that every possibility is covered by the policy. This is why homeowners should take the time to learn/know what is covered and not covered under their home insurance; and this is particularly important in relation to different types of water damage.

Water is a common culprit in causing damage to home and property, but one should not assume that all types of water damage are automatically covered; there are in fact many cases where it is not covered under home insurance policies, including damage resulting from:

  • Overland flooding, due to swelling/overflowing of streams, rivers, lakes, etc.
  • Rupturing of indoor plumbing/pipes, arising from a lack of proper precautions
  • Water seepage or penetration caused by melting or moving of snow and/or ice
  • Water leaks in the roof and/or into the home from inadequate roof maintenance

Now that these lesser-known exemptions have been brought to the forefront, here are some of the more frequent episodes of water damage that are covered under most home insurance policies; in effect, these are the types of conditions that can occur subsequent to what is referred to as a sudden and accidental discharge of water:

  • Water collecting in the basement due to an extremely heavy downpour
  • Water damage to the exterior or interior of the home due to wind or hail
  • Flooding/accumulation resulting from water escaping a public water main
  • Damage associated with indoor plumbing, heating, and cooling equipment
  • Flooding/accumulation caused by a ruptured/burst pipe or backed-up sewer
  • Damage resulting from the malfunctioning of a washing machine/dishwasher

Knowing precisely what is covered and not covered under home insurance policies offers two distinct advantages to homeowners:

  • To be prepared and confident to make a claim in the event of water damage
  • To take appropriate precautions in order to avert non-covered water damage

Protect Your Home with the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Specific Needs

A Couple Playing Their BabyDurham Region homeowners looking to acquire home insurance or review their existing policy may wish to consult with the experts from Petley-Hare Limited Insurance Brokers. Petley-Hare Limited representatives have considerable experience in crafting/preparing home insurance solutions to meet/satisfy the specific coverage needs of local residents, including concerns in relation to various types of water damage; consequently, they can develop tailor-made solutions on a home-by-home basis.

One aspect in particular that local homeowners may want to discuss and include in their coverage relates to water damage from overland flooding. This is becoming a growing concern, stemming from changing weather patterns in Canada compared to a generation ago, to the extent that many authorities now deem water, not fire, as the primary threat to property damage and loss.

More information on the risks of overland water damage and its possible consequences for homeowners is available here. Visit

While this type of damage is customarily not covered under home insurance policies, a number of insurance providers now offer protection against overland water damage; and homeowners can obtain such coverage through the help of a Petley-Hare representative.

Furthermore, Petley-Hare’s home insurance services extend to assistance and support in the event that a client does need to file a claim. By acting as a liaison between the client and their home insurance provider, Petley-Hare can ensure that:

  • The claim is initiated immediately and submitted completely
  • All damage is documented and damaged articles are itemized
  • All receipts for living expenses/clean-up costs are properly submitted

Go to for a free home insurance quote or to learn more about the Home Insurance Services available from Petley-Hare Limited.

To protect your home and contents with the right insurance coverage for your particular needs, call the team from Petley-Hare Limited today at 1-800-216-5324 to speak with a home insurance expert or contact us to request a no-obligation in-person discussion.