Severe Storm Causes 30 Million in Insured Damages

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Extreme weather conditions can result in more than just cancelled plans and temporary poor road conditions. While Ontario has fairly stable weather patterns compared to other regions, it is important to remember that Ontario homes, businesses and families are still at risk of facing damages caused by Mother Nature’s extremes.

A few months ago, southern Ontario residents were reminded of this reality. On the evening of July 8th, a passing cold front caused severe thunderstorms in areas north of Toronto, including Orillia, Markdale and Bradford, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) said in a statement.

The storm produced winds of up to 100 kilometres an hour, as well as intense lightning, heavy rain and hail. The region experienced more than $30 million in insured damages.

Property damage was caused primarily by hail, IBC reported. Large hail coupled with strong winds damaged roofs, siding and windows on homes, dented cars and broke windshields. Significant crop damage also occurred.

Homeowners and business owners alike were forced to take stock of damages and turn to their insurance companies for support. Thankfully, those with the right coverage were able to minimize the financial burden and long-term impact of the storm’s damages.

“Severe storms have been happening more often and with greater intensity across Ontario,” said Kim Donaldson, Vice President, Ontario with IBC. “It is important that Canadians understand their insurance policies and know what is covered. It’s also essential to have an emergency preparedness plan and know what to do when bad weather strikes.”

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